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Welcome to Burton & Webb. We are a small, independent candle producer based in Bristol who specialise in making luxury beeswax candles with wooden wicks.


After years of running charter yachts around the world we decided to settle down in Bristol. Beth is originally from the Highlands although her Mum is from Bristol, and Olly is from North Devon but spent his 20s living in Bristol so it was a natural home to return to and a fantastic city which we love. We have been making candles since a young age and after seeing lots of very cheap candles in our local supermarket and High street made with lots of additives and chemicals, incorrect wick sizes and claims that weren't entirely correct, we decided to make a more sustainable, honest and eco friendly option. 

We have spent a lot of time looking in to our materials making sure that everything we use is eco friendly and sustainable, and sourced as closely to us as possible using small businesses where we can.

We handcraft all our candles using pure beeswax sourced from local Beekeepers in the South West. Our candles burn with a clean flame and are hypoallergenic. Our wooden wicks are made of FSC certified maple and give a large, soft flame creating a beautiful relaxing light as well as a comforting crackle. The pure essential oils we use are natural and vegan friendly. Our candle ingredients are beeswax and where scented pure essential oils, thats it.

We only use eco-friendly packaging with recyclable and reusable materials, and everything except our wicks, and lemon and orange essential oils are made in the UK. We are working on the wicks.

As you may already know the bee population in this country has been declining over recent years due to a number of reasons. We include native wild flower seeds which are perfect for bees with every candle, to help feed and grow their population. We eventually plan to sponsor hives around the country to grow our bee population which are a vital part of the eco system in all countries. Follow us on social media or subscribe for regular competitions, news and discounts.

We have also teamed up with JUST ONE Tree to plant trees and fund kelp regeneration programs around the world as well as support and educate communities on the importance and how to look after the worlds forests and mangroves.

If you have any questions please get in touch via our contact page. We are always happy to give more information about our candles or help with any queries you may have.

with love,

Beth & Olly