• Oliver Yates

5 things to look for in a quality candle

I get a lot of adverts for candles popping up wherever I go on the internet and they all say the same thing, luxury quality candles, handmade, eco friendly, natural, burn time of 45 hours, etc and they all look very similar. Now I know just by looking at them that a lot of their claims are not true as it is an area I have researched a lot. So I thought I would give you 5 things to look out for so you know you really are getting a quality candle. So lets get started

1. Wick and Flame size

When making a candle it is really important to get the correct wick and flame size. The wick size you use will vary depending on the type of wax, the size of the vessel you are using and if you are using a scent. We use pure essential oils and we have to use different wicks depending on how flammable the scent is and how much of the scent we add.

It is a tricky process to get right and requires lots and lots of testing which takes time but if you get it right you will have a candle that utilises all of its wax efficiently, burns for longer, has a better scent throw, gives a better light and atmosphere and produces an efficient flame that doesn't soot (provided the wax is pure).

So look out for the flame if it is very small all blue the wick is probably too small, if the flame is very big and your wax is melting very quickly then the wick is probably too big this can also cause the melted wax to extinguish the flame as the wax melts faster than the flame can burn the wax away.

2. Tunnelling/ bowl forming

Tunnelling is when your candle burns the centre of the wax and creates a hole down the middle of the candle or leaves wax on the edges of the container. This is to do with the wick size but it is an important thing to look for in a candle.