• Oliver Yates

Is Natural, Natural?

So we have spent hundreds of hours researching and trying to source the products that we would like to promote. We have some simple rules that we would like to follow with our products and their ingredients.

  1. Made from natural ingredients that don’t harm the environment.

  2. Have a low or negative carbon footprint. Ideally coming from as short a distance as possible.

  3. Have all the attributes that make a luxury quality candle.

  4. If possible be a benefit to use other than just aesthetically.

Sounds simple enough!

During our research we have had a number of samples delivered and we have thoroughly tested all of them. It has made us realise firstly, a lot of candles out there are not made correctly, even some expensive products are not right. We have had candles that create a lot of carbon/ soot when burning, huge melt pools that burn the containers, small melt pools that don’t use all the wax, containers discolouring, and overflowing wax to name a few.

Secondly, just because a product says natural or environmentally friendly can just mean it uses some materials that are grown. It has been well documented that Soy is not as good for the environment as would be suggested. It is grown in rainforest areas and is a big contributor to deforestation. Other wax’s are made from Paraffin which is a by product of oil, or a mix of the two. Both types will travel huge distances in tankers to get to us, which brings up a number of environmentally responsible questions. Wicks, most wicks are made from cotton which even if organic is usually dipped in chemicals such as Borax and we do not grow cotton in the UK so it still has to travel a long way. The alternative is wooden wicks. Most of these are made from bulsar wood which is again produced in rainforest areas which presents the problems mentioned above... and so on, you get the idea.

So what can we do about this. Candles used to be made in the UK from ingredients already here, so it must be possible and it is the only way we are going to get what we want.

After a LOT of research and hunting for answers it would appear that beeswax could tick all the boxes. It is produced in the UK (25 mins for us) burns cleanly and purifies the air, using it will encourage more keepers and more hives which is great for the environment, and it already has the most amazing smell. Wicks are proving a bit trickier. There doesn’t seem to be many answers out there, so I have researched what we grow in the UK that could be suitable and has the correct properties for the job and we are waiting on a delivery of samples so we can make and test. If the tests are successful we should be able to source our wicks locally and without chopping down trees. 🤞

Thank you and keep following our blogs to see our story unfold.

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